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stress management

Scan the New Testament teachings of Jesus: Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, and try to locate at least one verse or section which is somehow connected to stress management. Explain how this scripture relates to the material covered in the text. Follow the same guidelines as in assignments for the first two weekly assignments. (E.g., do not get overly stressed on this. 300 words!

Part B: Each student should post a link to an article that reflects a concept covered in the chapters read for this week from

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stress management
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Greenberg, J.S. (2021). Comprehensive stress management.

● Chapter 10: Meditations

● Chapter 11: Autogenic Training, Imagery, and Progressive Relaxation

● Chapter 12: Other Relaxation Techniques

Articles do not have to come from academic journals but should come from reliable sources. Your post should include a summary of the article that is approximately 500 words.

Part C:

Okay, you have made one change so far. If it helped, this week work on fine-tuning it. See what you can do to have this technique continue to help you decrease your stress level.

If it didn’t help, try something different.

Remember, there are a lot of techniques out there because not everything works for everyone. Even if it is sitting outside breathing for five minutes before the kids and life start going.

Take time to think about your needs this week!

**Be sure to clarify in your journal post whether you continued with the change you made last week or chose a new change (don’t limit your post to explaining your stress level).