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Taboo words in another language

Taboo words in another language
Research the taboo words of another language besides English. What kinds of taboo words does the language have? What categories do the words come from (e.g., profanity, obscenity, etc.)? How are they used (e.g., denotatively vs. connotatively)? Do the words have a direct translation or correlate in English or not? Are they used the same way as they are in English? If not, how do they differ from the taboo word types/uses we have in English? You may also include a discussion of euphemsims for these words, if any. Draw direct connections between what you’ve found and what we’ve learned/discussed in the class (e.g., use accurate terminology, provide examples of class concepts, etc.). 

Corroborate and verify your findings using at least two sources. Please research responsibly and cite your (reputable) sources.

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Taboo words in another language
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Please use 12 point font and double-space