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The Role of Military Force Today

The article “The Changing Face of Power” contains interesting observations on the nature of power in the 21st century. One of the points outlined there concerns the idea that military force no longer embodies absolute power since economic and cultural aspects today play an equal role.

Despite the fact that economy and culture are extremely significant components, military force still allows states to sustain power. On the one hand, economic development grants nations substantial opportunities. For instance, Switzerland has the second-highest gross domestic product per capita on the planet but does not possess any large military resources (“Swiss,” n.d.). The lack of substantial military force does not prevent the country from having considerably high living standards and enjoying prosperity. On the other hand, North Korea is one of the poorest countries worldwide, which nevertheless has nuclear arms. As a result, the power of its military industry guarantees North Korea its independence and forces other nations to avoid any confrontation with it.

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The Role of Military Force Today
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The notion that military force has lost its significance in the modern world is partially true. Nowadays, many countries give priority to economic and cultural development, yet nations such as North Korea set an example of the military’s importance.


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