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UCL Accounting International Harmonisation of Financial Reporting Essay


The IASB has achieved great success in extending the adoption of international financial reporting standards and harmonising financial 

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UCL Accounting International Harmonisation of Financial Reporting Essay
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reporting practice across the globe. 


Using Nobes (2013) and Yip and Young (2012) and any other relevant academic materials, critically discuss to what extent IFRS contributes 

to the international harmonisation of financial reporting.


Nobes, C. (2013) The continued survival of international differences under IFRS. Accounting and Business Research, 43 (2), 83-111.

Yip, R.W.Y and Young, D (2012) Does Mandatory IFRS Adoption Improve Information Comparability? The Accounting Review, 87 (5), 


(You can obtain these articles from the electronic journals in the library. After logging into MUSE you should click on StarPlus – Library 

Catalogue. Then click on Browse EJournals. After that, you should type in the journal name (e.g., for the 1st article, type in “Accounting and 

Business Research”). Then you should navigate through the electronic library for this journal to find the article. If you have any problems 

finding the journal you should contact the staff in the library for assistance.)

Other Submission Details: 

Use the standard Management School cover sheet 

Have the word count given on the cover sheet