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UMUC Industrial Psychology Discussion

Research Topic: Effectiveness of ABA Therapy

Part 1: Explaining your selection for your area of research.

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UMUC Industrial Psychology Discussion
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Write 3-5 pages addressing the following areas:

1. Value of the literature review for your selected area of research

2. Other types of literature with studies similar to what you want to do (e.g., trade journals).

3. The type of research approach you selected for your area of interest g., replication, exploratory, etc.

4. Gaps in the literature where you feel you can contribute the most (Note: this is often known as the contribution to the knowledge in the field of interest).

5. Add a references section at the end of your paper for all of your in-text citations within the 3-5

Part 2: Annotated Bibliography. After responding to the areas in part 1 above, add another section with at least 10 annotated bibliographies .The annotated bibliographies must be in APA style format Each annotated bibliography must be exactly 150 At least 5 of the annotated bibliographies should be from scholarly If you any of the literature in the 5 pages in part 1, make sure you use APA style format for the citations.