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University of Cumberlands Information Processing in Decision Making Discussion & PPT

Cognitive Research Proposal Instructions

To aid you in becoming a good scientist and proper consumer of research, this project will give you firsthand experience in creating a 9.5-13-page research-based proposal. You will develop a research topic, complete a literature review on that topic, and propose a methods section to investigate that topic. You will also present a 10- 12 minute presentation summarizing your proposal. U

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University of Cumberlands Information Processing in Decision Making Discussion & PPT
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This is a large project that is broken into smaller, separate assignments. For each section, include a title page and updated reference page. Below are descriptions of the sections.

  1. Overview: Start with the introduction (1 page), Include the theory grounding your study (1/2 – 1 page) and follow it with a review of past and current literature (e.g., a summary of research on your topic and each of your key variables) (4-6 pages). Next, identify the gap in the literature (Hypothesis Section) that your study fills and the resulting research questions to be addressed by your research (1/2 – 1 page). Also include the Title and References page.
  2. Completed Proposal Submit the full proposal. Include the: Title, Abstract, Intro. (1 page), Theory Section (1/2-1 page) Lit. Review (4-6 pages), Hypothesis Section (1/2 – 1 page) Proposed Methods (participants, design, measures, procedure) (5-2 pages), References (at least 10 references) and if needed **Tables/Figures/Appendices. This section must be at least 10 pages.


  1. Research Presentation

 Complete a 8-12 minute presentation describing your research proposal (**narrated power point is preferred). You will be graded on the content, layout, and presentation quality. The presentation is worth 100 points.

Your final paper will include a title page, abstract, introduction, theory section, literature review, hypothesis section, proposed methods section, reference page, and Citations. This paper must include a minimum of 10 peer-reviewed, empirical articles. The final paper must be approximately 10 pages, not including title page/ references/ or appendices. It will account for 100 points of your grade for the course.

The APA manual and your textbook are important resources to provide discussion of what information is included in each section. Further, each empirical, peer-reviewed article you read is a model for your own research paper.