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Website Critique

In this assignment, we will develop a set of criteria by which to evaluate a website.

· Choose two websites

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Website Critique
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· Use your criteria to evaluate each of them

· Write up a report that describes which website is best

· Include criteria and evaluations

· Include website URLs

Required Downloads  You will need the following programs to complete the exercises and assignments in this course:

· XAMPP (Links to an external site.)

· MySQL Workbench (Links to an external site.)

Optional Downloads  Downloads could be used to complete course assignments and activities:

· Sun/Oracle Java SDK (Links to an external site.)

· ArgoUML (Links to an external site.)  (Design and Code Generation feature)

· Notepad++ (see your textbook for details)

· FrontPage (Links to an external site.)

· Dreamweaver (Links to an external site.)

· Flash (Links to an external site.)

· Fireworks (Links to an external site.)

· Eclipse

Textbook :

Web Programming and Internet Technologies, 2nd ed. (2016). Scobey, P., & Lingras, P. Burlington, MA: Jones & Bartlett Learning.

Chapter 1 In this chapter, we will identify what the Internet is, the World Wide Web, client-server architecture, and the client server model. We will also briefly examine XHMTL, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, and XML.

Chapter 2 In this chapter, we will be establishing a web presence. We will identify what an Internet service provider (ISP) is and the tools a web developer needs to get started. We will also identify some of the issues you may encounter when uploading your files to the Web.

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